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How are they


How are they installed?

Installing them is simple and direct.  No heavy equipment, such as a forklift or crane, is needed.  After determining how the trees will be supported - concrete, stone, metal, or wood - appropriate preparation is made to the material.

Each palm has a metal plate strategically welded to the trunk base. In the case of concrete, or stone, a hammer drill is used to make mounting holes matching the dimensions of the palm's mounting plate (18" on center 4ea). Once the mounting holes are completed, the palm is maneuvered into place using a hand truck and secured to the concrete or stone with stainless steel anchors bolts.  The bolts expand when they are tightened to securely fasten the palm base to the concrete. 

click to enlarge - anchor bolt mounting to concrete

In the case of a wood deck, the 18" on center holes in the palm base plate provide the desired permanent installation support location.  The mounting holes are used to fasten into the wood vertical subfloor of the deck.

Next the preassembled optional coconut lights are installed.  All trees are prewired for this option.  The wire at the base of the trunk need only be connected to a Low Voltage transformer. Finally the individual frond stems are inserted into the corresponding slots at the top of the trunk.  There are a total of 12 fronds of varying sizes.  Full instructions are included with each palm and can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF links below.  We also deliver and install them (including the concrete pad) if you are within our service area of the Central US.

Commercial Temporary Installation Plate
click to enlarge - palm base plate

Our potted versions of the Barbados and Key West palms are pre-mounted in a solid concrete base.  Because of the weight (about 400lbs), installation consists of simply placing them at the correct location.  Extension legs may be added if there is extra concern regarding stability, but these are usually not necessary

PDF Concrete base instructions
PDF Assembly Instructions

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